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Our machining process complies with the NP EN ISO 9001 standard.

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We have a machining section equipped with saws, presses, CNC milling machines, balancers, a bending machine and various dedicated equipments (tailor-made for various industrial projects).


It is thus possible to carry out cutting operations (30 mm to 6000 mm), drilling, turning, CNC milling, bending and tearing.

We include in our production process the machining of some profiles for Industry and Architecture.


Machining operations (cutting, drilling, CNC milling, bending and tearing) are carried out according to the specifications requested by customers.


The profiles can have a length, between 30 mm and 6000 mm, obtained by precision cuts, on which various types of machining can be carried out. Highlight for the quality control is carried out at each stage of the process. Usually, machining is done before surface treatment.


However, and according to the characteristics of each piece, the type of machining and the type of surface treatment desired, the machining process can be carried out afterwards.


Our machining unit, which includes Proclima, has several industrial equipment, such as: saws, presses, CNC milling machines, balancers, bending machines and various dedicated equipment (tailor-made for various industrial projects).

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