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Quality, Solidity, Innovation, Technology, Design and Environment

What has defined us for the last 50 years

Throughout its 52 years of existence, Extrusal S.A has always remained at the forefront of technology, having as its main vector, the quality of its products for maximum satisfaction of its customers.

Extrusal was one of the first companies in Portugal to have environmental concerns. The company built an ETARI in 1982 to treat its waters. The awareness of environmental issues, dictated since then, the acquisition of new equipment and technologies, allowing the implementation of an Environmental Management System, as a result, the company obtained the environmental certification NP EN ISO 14001, in 2002.

Extrusal was pioneer in environmental protection, having built in 1982 an ETARI for their water treatment. Aware of the importance of environmental issues, Extrusal has acquired equipment and technology for the implementation of an Environmental Management System, obtaining the NP EN ISO 14001 environmental certification in 2002.

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The quality issues have always been very present in Extrusal life. It has various product quality labels: anodizing by Qualanod (1983) and lacquering by Qualicoat (1995). 

In 1997, Extrusal was the first Portuguese company, and continues to be one of the few in Europe, to be simultaneously certified in the process of dies manufacture, extrusion, anodising and thermos lacquering by the NP EN ISO 9002 standard.


In 2009, in accordance with the NP EN 14351 standard (CE Marking) Extrusal carried out Initial Type Tests on all commercialised systems (opening, sliding and façade). Currently, Extrusal possesses a certificate of conformity of the NP EN ISO 9001 standard for development of Product and Technical Consulting; manufacture of aluminium profiles by extrusion; manufacturing dies and machining profiles and aluminium pieces; anodizing, lacquering, profiles decoration, accessories and pieces; and the service provided by the finished product warehouse located in São Félix da Marinha.

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Our portfolio has a wide range of solutions for architecture: casement and sliding systems, façade systems, shading systems and indoor solutions. 

Our concern for environmental sustainability leads us to design architectural solutions that promote sustainable buildings. We analyse what exists, what should be improved and what does not exist but should be implemented. This analysis involves a team of professionals from various areas and studies of trends for the construction sector, current legislation, climate change, environmental impacts, energy efficiency, user well-being and housing comfort.

All our solutions for windows and doors are submitted to tests and trials for greater thermal, acoustic and AEV performance (air permeability, water tightness and wind resistance). Extrusal is one of the pioneer companies in joining the Class+ labelling system promoted by ADENE.

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Aluminum is a material whose properties allow a wide range of applicability. Density (lightness), conductivity, durability, malleability, recyclability (without ever losing its initial properties) and non-toxicity make aluminum an excellent material for many industries (from food to aeronautics).


The density, conductivity, durability, malleability and recyclability that characterize aluminum, enhance its introduction into the automotive sector. This material makes vehicles lighter, and therefore more economical and less polluting. Aluminum has become a strategic raw material for the development of electric vehicles.


We develop different kinds of pieces (structural to decorative) with a high-quality finishing. We accompany the energy transition that the automotive industry is experiencing through various electric mobility projects.

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The wide range of possible geometries obtained by the extrusion process, at a competitive price, allows us to respond to the needs of the most varied industrial sectors, from the energy, electrical engineering, decoration, mobility to the transport sector. The high corrosion resistance, the ease of machining and the excellent surface finish obtained by aluminum are elements that transform our answers into excellent solutions for the market. 

We have in our product catalog “standard” profiles, which are a standardized set of tubulars, rectangular, rods, angles and “T”, “H” and “U” shaped profiles. 

The catalog is also equipped with the “Pro-Solar” solutions to offer to the market answers in the solar structural sector: innovative aluminum structures for the assembly of solar panels or collectors - solar industry.

In parallel with the offer of pre-designed profiles, we give to our clients the possibility of presenting their own projects.

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