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50 Years of History

História 2

1972 - Foundation

Extrusal's history dates back to 1972, more precisely to March, 31.

During the construction of his own house, Engineer Carlos Lourenço Boia, verified the inexistence of national production of aluminum profiles, a sector that flourished around the world. Thus, on March 31, 1972, the company EXTRUSAL – Companhia Portuguesa de Extrusão S.A. was born, specialized in the extrusion of aluminum profiles for the Architecture and Industry sectors in general.


1974 - Creation of the Technical Department and start of production

After the construction of the building and the installation of the first “1700” press, Extrusal began its work on an experimental basis in the second half of 1974.


The Technical Department responsible for the design, development and testing of all dies is created at the same time, thus starting the limited production of dies with the installation of the first EDM machine.


1978 - Additional press - Installation of the second "1600" press.


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1980 - Die factory

Creation of an autonomous unit for the production of steel dies, an essential tool for the extrusion process.


1982 - Anodizing and ETARI

Anodizing - With the objective of safeguarding the final quality of the product, Extrusal installed an innovative anodizing line.

Environmental concern - Installation of an Industrial Wastewater Treatment Station (ETARI) developed and modernized in conjunction with the Department of Environment, University of Aveiro.


1983 - QUALANOD and the "2000" Press

QUALANOD Quality Mark (EAA / EURAS) - Anodizing is licensed in 1983 by Qualanod (EAA/EURAS), the highest exponent in the certification of Anodizing lines, with the European Quality Label n.º 1405, recognized throughout Europe by all Public and Private Entities.

The "2000" Press - Installation of the third press.


1986 - Creation of Hexal and the Group



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1988 - SANDALOR Quality Mark

Anodizing capacity has been doubled through the implementation of a new Anodizing line. The Sandalor license n.º 207 was also granted, exclusively for Portugal, which allows a variety of anodized products, which represents the maximum exponent of the quality of this treatment.


1994 - Automatic lacquering line and creation of the surface treatment laboratory

Increase in the offer of surface treatments and implementation of the automatic lacquering line. A year marked by the launch of an automatic Thermo Lacquering line, which complements the range of surface treatments offered, and by the creation of a laboratory to control the quality of surface treatments carried out in-house.


1995 - QUALICOAT Quality Mark

Like Anodizing, Lacquering was licensed in 1995 by QUALICOAT with the European Quality License nº 808.


História (1997) 0

1997 - ISO 9002 certification and implementation of SIGMA


Extrusal Quality System Certification - APCER ISO 9002

The implementation of the Extrusal Quality System, based on the NP EN ISO 9002 standard, is the ideal basis for the improvement of the processes and products carried out by the company and presented itself as the logical step to be overcome in the development of Extrusal and in the its incessant search for maximum customer satisfaction.

Thus, in 1997, Extrusal overcame the challenge of certification, becoming the first Portuguese company, and one of the only ones in Europe, to be certified in the areas of die manufacturing, extrusion, anodizing and thermo lacquering of aluminum profiles.


Implementation of SIGMA

If certification by the NP EN ISO 9002 standard was the natural outcome of Extrusal's Quality Policy, the next step was the decision to integrate environmental concerns into a coherent program, having started in 1997 the implementation of the Integrated System for the Management of Environment (SIGMA), based on the NP EN ISO 14001 standard.


História (2000 - 0

1999 - Creation of the extrusion support laboratory


2000 - Renewal of the Quality System Certification by SGS (International Certification Services)


2002 - Environmental certification NP ISO 14001

Extrusal Environmental Management System Certification by SGS: International Certification Services according to the NP EN ISO 14001 reference standard.


2003 - "wood type" Decoration and NP EN ISO 9001

"Wood type" Decoration - In April, a line of decoration "wood type" was installed, an alternative offer to the traditional lacquering and that provides the aesthetics of wood to the aluminum profiles.


NP EN ISO 9001:2000 - Transition of the Extrusal Quality Management System to the NP EN ISO 9001:2000 standard and renewal of certification.


2004 - Renovation of the extrusion line

Extrusal began to renovate its extrusion line, which would be completed in 2005.


História (2009 - 0


Certification of the wood effect decoration, by the QUALIDECO quality brand, for the shades: brown, teak, oak, cherry and mahogany.


2008 - Renewal of Qualicoat certification


2009 - CE Marking

Extrusal carried out more than 80 tests on all commercialized architectural systems, according to the EN 14351-1 standard, to allow their CE marking.


2011 - Renewal of Extrusal's Quality and Environment Management System Certification by SGS, extending its scope to Technical Advice promoted by GEP EXTRUSAL.


2014 - Renewal of Extrusal's Quality and Environment Management System Certification by SGS


2018 - Reorganization of the group with centralization and greater control


2021 (until 2022) - Refurbishment of the factory facade and construction of the new Showroom at the head office in Aveiro.


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