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Management system

Quality and Environment Policy

Extrusal's quality and environment policy is based on the commitment to offer extruded , anodised, lacquered and machined aluminum profiles, as well as the associated quality services, in the interests of customers, with respect for employees, investors, the state, the surrounding community and environment.

The overall management of the production processes, relationship with clients, of support to the administrative activity and their interactions with the environment is organized through the quality and environment management system (SGQA).

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The macro-objectives of EXTRUSAL´s processes relevant to the quality and environment policy, are currently:

  • The evaluation, maintenance, and when possible, the quality improvement of products and services, whenever possible through innovation and with implementation of the best available technologies in order to increase sales in a sustainable way, raising and retaining Clients due to different performance of EXTRUSAL’s products and services when compared with EXTRUSAL´s competitors;
  • Productivity increase through innovation and process optimization, facilities modernization and employees training;
  • Legal compliance maintenance, particularly the environmental laws and/or agreements and all the applicable requirements to our activities and processes;
  • The continuous evolution of the computer resources in order to facilitate the evaluation of data of the continuous improvement of the performance and the effectiveness of the system of management of the quality and environment;
  • The maintenance of legal compliance, the environmental, and/or agreements with other requirements applicable to the activities and processes.
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  • Centralized integrated management of the transversal processes as products and services provision, stocks for architecture and logistics with other Extrusal group companies with the optimization objective;
  • The internal communication to the emplyees regarding environmental and quality aspects and externally to economic partners and stakeholders;
  •  The cooperation with official entities, universities and other interested social groups in order to continuously evolve towards the above objectives, aiming at the continuous improvement of Extrusal ‘s Quality and Environmental managing system;


The articulation between quality and environmental management creates the opportunity to balance the economic and the environmental performance, achieving an effective sustainable development for which the commitment and dedication of each one of the employees and of all in complementarity is essential. 


In this context, the quality and environmental objectives are reviewed periodically, in an articulated way with the business management, constituting the logical progression of a Global Quality philosophy existing in the company since the first day of work.

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