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Environmental Certification

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The Environment concerns naturally emerged as an aspect of Quality - with Extrusal always opting for the selection of the best available technologies when acquiring new equipment. As an example, in the installation of thermo lacquering, it was chosen from the beginning to introduce modern technologies that maximize the reuse of water for a lower environmental impact.

Thus, when the production of industrial effluents began, with the start-up of a surface treatment unit, Extrusal proceeded to install a ETARI , which was duly adapted and optimized in harmony with the expansions and alterations suffered by the manufacture.

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1997 – Implementation of SIGMA.

If certification by the NP EN ISO 9002 standard was the natural outcome of Extrusal's Quality Policy, the next step was the decision to integrate environmental concerns into a coherent program, having started in 1997 the implementation of the Integrated System for the Management of Environment (SIGMA), based on the NP EN ISO 14001 standard.

Although the ISO 14001 standard does not include requirements on aspects of hygiene, health and safety at work, Extrusal decided to include this aspect in its SIGMA.

Thus, from the perspective of the Global Quality concept, SIGMA was an integral part of the Extrusal Quality System (SQE), adapting when possible the Quality Procedures in order to integrate the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard. Environmental Procedures that constitute the Environmental Management Manual.


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