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Aluminum structures for photovoltaic systems

Durability, strength, customization and sustainability

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The design and choice of the support structure of the system (standalone or connected to a network) and the software, requires a prior analysis of the place where the installation is carried out - soil, aggressiveness of the surroundings (proximity to industrial areas, proximity to the coastal zone - corrosion), weather conditions, solar orientation, among others.

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Durability and resistance

The properties of aluminum and the surface treatment applied to the structures, anodizing, give the system results that are unattainable compared to other materials, in terms of durability. Corrosion resistance is guaranteed by the anodizing of the profiles at 20µ, as well as the stainless steel fixing system, thus offering excellent performance, even in the most aggressive environments.


Structures adjustable to the specifications of each project

Mechanical properties

The aluminum profiles used in the Pro-Solar system have mechanical properties at the highest level of this alloy, which corresponds to EPM T66. This corresponds to a tensile strength minimum of 215 MPa and a yield strength minimum of 160 MPa in accordance with EN 755-2. These mechanical properties are well-defined to achieve a better structure performance.  

The weight of structures

The density of aluminum is 2.7g/cm3 (about 1/3 of the density of steel) which gives it a great advantage when applied to pitched roofs or canopies.


Aluminum is 100% recyclable, positioning itself as an indisputable solution for the sustainability of the planet.

Investment vs Cost

Solution designed by modules that allows a significant reduction in costs due to simplicity and reduction of assembly/installation time.
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