Aluminium in architecture and construction

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Aluminium in architecture and construction 0

Aluminium in civil construction is synonymous with beauty, lightness, longevity, modernity, safety and constructive intelligence.

Applicable to windows, doors, cladding and concealment panels, glazed facades, balustrades, solar systems, and indoor solutions, such as partitions, aluminium has assumed an increasingly preponderant role in the design of sustainable constructions.

Durable and weather resistant, aluminium solutions have an average longevity of over 40 years, and provide great creative freedom in their applicability, shape and finish. It is a resistant material that does not deform and that preserves its aesthetics and finish with low maintenance. The application of the appropriate surface treatment, when developed in accordance with the Qualanod (anodizing) and Qualicoat (lacquering) standards, reinforces the resistance of the solutions to the most adverse weather conditions.

Infinitely recyclable, without ever losing its initial properties, and coming from Bauxite, one of the most abundant elements on our planet, it is natural that aluminium is a material of choice for so-called “green buildings”. The use of aluminium solutions brings numerous eco-efficiency advantages, since, with thermal break and combined with other materials, it contributes to the reduction of energy consumption due to the high energy efficiency obtained, whether in heating or cooling buildings. It should also be noted that aluminium allows for numerous architectural possibilities, which favor the natural lighting of spaces.

Aesthetically, aluminium has numerous advantages due to the great diversity of possible formats and shapes, as well as the different surface treatments applicable, giving architects great creative freedom. Curved profiles or straight lines, more robust or minimalist solutions, with or without gloss, smooth or textured and also, with the possibility of wood-effect decoration, aluminium offers an endless number of options for new construction as well as for rehabilitation.
Finally, and not least, aluminium withstands high temperatures, is non-combustible and does not emit any toxic substance in the event of a fire, providing safer constructions.


Aluminum reinforces:
• More efficient buildings, reducing energy consumption;
• The circular economy, due to the infinite recyclability of aluminum without ever losing its initial properties leading to the reduction of waste (it can be applied for the same initial purpose after the recycling process);
• Long-lasting and low-maintenance solutions;
• Constructive freedom for construction professionals;


Given the current challenges of sustainability, aluminium is considered one of the great allies of sustainable construction. Associations and companies, national and worldwide, linked to the aluminium sector are increasingly focused on the development of sustainable solutions in favor of a greener world that guarantees the quality of life of future generations.

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