Aluminum frame maintenance guide

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Periodic maintenance and cleaning is essential for the longevity and perfect functioning of the frame.


The frames must be washed with a neutral cleaning product (PH: 5 to 8) added to water in a proportion of 5%. Cleaning must be carried out with a soft sponge, well soaked in the solution, and then the frame must be washed with clean water and dried, with a soft cloth. Before running the water, if the rails show accumulation of dust, sand, leaves or petals, we suggest that you vacuum gently.

Regardless of the surface treatment applied (powder coating / anodised), the frames must be cleaned regularly to remove accumulated dirt. We reinforce the redoubled attention to be given to water drainage fences and openings.

Attention: The products used to clean the glass must not come into contact with aluminum or accessories, since most contain ammonia, which can corrode aluminum.

Frequency of cleaning
In aggressive environments (proximity to the sea or areas with high atmospheric pollution) the cleaning of the frames must be carried out, at least in each of the seasons, or whenever the accumulation of residues is evident.

Maintenance / Periodic Inspection

During and after cleaning the frame, seals and fittings must be checked. The following elements must be inspected:

  • the seals: positioning, elasticity, deformations and cracks;
  • gluing the corners of the central fence (stop systems);
  • plush fabric (sliding systems);

For seals made with silicone, the elasticity and any cracks must be checked.

Hinged and sliding systems

  • Hardware: check the functioning of the hinges, and whenever necessary, lubricate them with a thin oil, removing excesses with a dry cloth. For command and/or closing mechanisms, the procedure is identical.
  • In sliding systems, the pulleys and the slippage of the leaves must be checked. Lubricate whenever necessary.

Tilt & Slide Windows

In this type of window, the fittings allow two types of opening, depending on the position of the handle of the lock. close.

If you detect an anomaly (damaged seal, gaps) that jeopardizes the correct functioning of your window frames, you should contact your window installer or another specialized professional.

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