CE marking implies performance and control tests

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Marcação CE 4

The CE Marking is the symbol of conformity of a given product with the European legislation that refers to it. For exterior pedestrian doors and roof windows, CE Marking signifies their compliance with EN 14351-1:2006+A1.

This marking falls on the final product, being a guarantee of compliance with the essential requirements of mechanical resistance, stability, safety in use and against fire, thermal and acoustic protection, energy saving and hygiene, health and environmental protection demanded by the Construction (DPC 89/106/EC).

For the evaluation of the conformity of the products, the manufacturer of the frames is obliged to:

  • Perform Initial Type Tests (ITT) of the product in a laboratory notified by the EC;
  • Implement an Internal Production Control (FPC) - control of the production process;
  • Issue a CE Declaration of Conformity for each product, through which it declares that it is capable of placing the CE Marking;
  • Place a CE Marking label on each manufactured product and indicate the mandatory characteristics that define it.

It should be noted that tests must be carried out under the most unfavorable conditions of typologies, measurements, glass and other factors, so that the results can be extrapolated to other products in the range without the need to duplicate the ITT.

Manufacturers can obtain ITT results in several ways:

  • Request the ITT directly from the notified laboratories;
  • Having shared ITT, that is, the results of one manufacturer being used by other manufacturers;
  • Have ITT in cascade, which consists of using the ITT carried out by the holders of the systems on their models (provision by contract) and in executing the product with the same combination of components and in the same way that they were applied in the tested models.

Extrusal customers

To support its customers, Extrusal directly requests the notified laboratories to carry out an ITT on their systems.

The results are transferred to the window frame manufacturers by contract, where the results obtained are mentioned, the duration of the transfer, the responsibilities of both parties in the CE Marking and the guarantee of the original conformity of the product or, in the event of any changes, the penalties for misuse or non-compliance with the Standard. In 2009, Extrusal carried out around 80 Initial Type Tests and Calculations.

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