Security and Aesthetics: F.100 balustrading systems

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The safety of spaces is a constant priority, especially in residential and public spaces.

Balustrading systems play a crucial role in user safety, but they also contribute to the aesthetics of buildings. This article presents the various Extrusal solutions for aluminium and glass balustrading solutions, highlighting some technical specifications.

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Aqua Pópulo Eco Village | Architecture/Photography: SAL Architects . salworks lda


Aesthetics and modernity

In addition to safety concerns, design and aesthetics play a significant role when choosing balustrading systems. Architects and designers seek to integrate security harmoniously into the architectural style of each building.

Contrary to the preconceived idea that safety compromises the design and aesthetics of buildings, balustrading systems can be produced in different materials, adopting greater sobriety. The combination of aluminium and glass, complemented with a wide range of applicable colours and textures (lacquered or anodized), allows for greater aesthetic harmonization of spaces. Opting for frameless glass balustrading systems offers a modern, minimalist look.


Pedras do Mar Resort & Spa | Architecture: M-arquitectos

Creating usable and safe spaces

In addition to preventing falls, when well applied and adjusted to certain areas, balustrading systems can transform unusable spaces into safe spaces and a functional extension of spaces. It allows residents to enjoy a panoramic view even in spaces without balconies or with littles balconies, with, for example, the Extrusal F.100 Julieta system.


Safety standard compliance

Installing balustrading systems is not only promotes safety of buildings but also ensures compliance with safety regulations and standards.

Standards and regulations are critical to ensuring that balustrading systems meet specific safety standards. There are strict guidelines for the height, spacing and strength of balustrading systems. These standards aim to prevent accidental falls, especially in high places, such as balconies.

The application of systems that are developed in accordance with security standards is essential. All Extrusal balustrading solutions comply with Portuguese Standard NP 4491:2009.


Tempered glass has been a frequent choice due to its transparency, providing an unobstructed view, extending spaces and natural luminosity; as well by their high resistance.

The adoption of aluminium in balustrading systems has been a trend for several years due to the elegance, durability, and high versatility that this material offers. Also noteworthy is the option of materials that are 100% recyclable, without ever losing their initial properties.

Maintenance and Durability

Proper maintenance is essential to ensure the durability of balustrading systems. For coastal regions, where exposure to salt spray is high, the choice should be on corrosion-resistant materials with Seaside Extrusal treatment.


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Hotel Verde Mar & Spa

Regular inspections and preventive care help identify early wear and tear and make repairs before they become serious safety issues.

In short, investing in balustrading systems goes far beyond meeting safety requirements. It is a decision that harmonizes functionality, aesthetics, and conformity, transforming safe, pleasant and usable spaces. The high security offered by balustrading systems allows users to enjoy outdoor spaces with peace of mind, providing an improved quality of life.

Careful selection of materials and custom designs contributes not only to safety but also to the aesthetic enhancement of residential properties. By balancing these elements, it is possible to create spaces that combine functionality and beauty.


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