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A section dedicated to technical and general articles on architecture, design and sustainability.

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14 fev 2024
World Energy Day
31 jan 2024
Security and Aesthetics: F.100 Balustrading systems
04 jan 2024
The importance of window framing systems in the quality of housing: a critical and constructive perspective.
02 ago 2023
New Program to Support Energy Efficiency in Homes
02 mai 2023
Great Britain's royal carriage is made from aluminium
Receba o Natal com sustentabilidade 0
16 dez 2022
Receba o Natal com sustentabilidade
21 set 2022
The trend of the energy crisis and carbon neutrality 2050
Marcação CE implica a realização de ensaios desempenho e controlo 1
24 jun 2022
CE marking implies performance and control tests
Qual a melhor janela? Alumínio ou PVC 0
24 jun 2022
The best windows? Aluminum or PVC?
Aplicação de alumínio reduz o peso e custos nos carros elétricos 0
24 jun 2022
Application of aluminum reduces weight and costs in electric cars
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