New Program to Support Energy Efficiency in Homes

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New Program to Support Energy Efficiency in Homes

The Portuguese Government launches new Program to Support Energy Efficiency in Homes, which aims to reimburse up to 85% of investments made in the context of improving the energy efficiency of homes. There are more than 100 million Euros to finance the replacement of windows, photovoltaic panels, among others. The program open on the 16th of August and end on the 31st of October (or when the budget runs out) and support can reach up to €7,500.

The program covers, among others, the replacement of windows and the installation of photovoltaic panels. Home owners (houses or apartments) throughout the country can apply. A head of household of undivided inheritance or another heir may also apply, as long as authorized by the respective owner of the inheritance. Support also only covers permanent residence houses and is not open to tenants or landlords of leased dwellings. The works and equipment covered by the program are reimbursed at 85%.

However, the maximum support that each beneficiary can receive is 7500 euros, which varies according to the type of work carried out, even if this amount does not cover 85% of expenses. In the case of replacing efficient windows, class A+, support amounts to a maximum value of €2000. For the installation of photovoltaic panels and other renewable energy production equipment for self-consumption, the support limit is 1000 euros, if these systems do not include energy storage systems, and 3000 euros, if they include an energy storage system.

Those who receive support equal to or greater than 5000 euros must also present the energy certificate of the intervened property, before and after the execution of the work. The program allows access to a maximum amount of 125 euros to request this certificate.


Support varies by region.
Applications from residents outside the districts of Lisbon and Porto benefit from a 10% increase in the maximum incentive limit per type of intervention.

For example, the exchange of non-efficient windows for others with an energy class equal to A+ has a contribution rate of 85%, with a limit of 2000 euros. For those who live outside Porto or Lisbon, the limit is extended to 2200 euros.

And who has already received support in this area?

If the beneficiary has been supported by this program in one of the previous phases, he can apply again, but he can only receive the difference between the amount he has already received and the limit of 7500 euros. For example, if in the previous work you received 5000 euros from the State, now you can only receive a maximum of 2500 euros.
The support will also only be paid after the works, as the application must be accompanied by invoices that prove the expenses, with payments starting in January 2024.

If the works have already been carried out, it is possible to request support as long as there is an invoice and receipt for the work dated after May 1, 2022 and before the application date.


Necessary documents

The application process requires several documents, including:

  • Citizen's card number or NIF;
  • IBAN number and respective proof, less than one year old, which contains the name of the account holder;
  • Updated urban building booklet;
  • Invoice and respective receipts, with all expenses and works detailed, together with the mandatory documents by type of intervention;
  • Photographs of the house before and after the interventions;
  • Valid energy certificate for the property, issued by a qualified expert from the Energy Certification System, before and after the works.


Where to apply

The platform with the application form is not yet available on the Environmental Fund website. It is estimated to be available on August 16th.

Applications must be submitted by type of intervention, that is, each application refers to an intervention.

Expenses are covered by reimbursement, that is, first the requalification works or alterations are carried out and only then must you apply. The application must be accompanied by all documentation relating to the financial investments made. It should be noted that the announced contribution amounts do not include VAT, therefore, the tax paid on the acquisition of equipment or works is not refundable.

For expenses to be accepted in the application, companies that can carry out these interventions need to be registered in the portals of the respective areas of intervention: Classe+, Casa Eficiente 2020, Portuguese Environment Agency, Portal Casa+, DGEG and SCE applicational portal. The use of these installers plays a key role in helping and advising the consumer to choose the most appropriate materials and equipment. They will accompany you throughout the process.

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Refunds will start in January 2024.

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