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Extrusal celebrates 50 years

02 mai 2022Back
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A day of celebration for all Extrusal employees. The 50th anniversary of the Aveiro company was celebrated, on the 2nd of April, with a tribute to its founder, Carlos Lourenço Bóia, shareholders , employees and partners, and to all those who directly and indirectly allowed the Group's sustainable growth Extrusal. At the event, held at Extrusal's headquarters and at Teatro Aveirense, customers, suppliers, shareholders, other partners and close friends were present.

The religious celebration, of an intimate nature, held in the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Esperança, opened the doors to the celebrations. A Mass of Thanksgiving and in Memory of the Extrusal family members who have disappeared. Subsequently followed the inauguration of the renovation works of the factory, a remodeling by the Arq. Salvadorinho and in charge of the construction company Contracta, which includes the new Extrusal showroom currently open to the public.



Also inaugurated were the “Árvore da vida”, conceived and developed by collaborator Emanuela Santos and Carlos Simões (former collaborator) and a mural representing the 50 years of Extrusal's history in the artistic expression “Street art ” by the artist António Conceição.

The public presentation and symbolic delivery of the book 50 Years of Profile with Human Aluminum, which narrates the history of the company's 50 years, took place after dinner at Teatro Aveirense, in Aveiro. The celebration of this anniversary ended with a concert performed by Banda da Quinta do Picado, from Aradas, the parish council in which Extrusal's headquarters are located.

Extrusal thanks all those present for being part of this memorable moment.

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